Monday, March 29, 2010

Ice cream sandwich... And how I did it!

First I've cut two brown felt rectangles with my fancy scissors and a large and long white rectangle.

I've pinned my white rectangle to my brown one starting in the middle of a shortest side. I gathered the corners like that:

I've run it trough my sewing machine and cut the excess of white, I've flipped it and pinned the white fabric together.

Then I realized I couldn't do the other side with my machine... So I've pinned it and handstiched the two longer side

Gathered the white fabric at the corners and sewn

Then I've flip it right side and sewn the other two corners and I've stuffed (with cut-outs)

I've kind of ladder stitched to close

Then I've made the six knot, here's what I did:
1-I've made a knot, pass my needle straight throught and made another knot, holding thight.
2- I've French knot at the "top" (c.i: the machine stitched side)
3-I've repeated for the 5 other knots.

Lastly, I took a white thread and close the white fabric together.

There you have a yummy ice cream sandwich...
And I made that while it was snowing...

now I'm craving for ice cream...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pineapple & slices

I should have sewn more lines and closer... Next time I'll know it.

I'm pretty happy with those. They only need a piece of ham now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I did a 10 pieces sushi set for
my daugther. Now i don't know much about the names so correct me if I'm wrong... but here it goes (I think)

Ebi Sushi (prawn), Maguro Sushi(tuna), Sake Sushi (salmon), Tamago Sushi (egg).
There's also 6 maki (rolls) which I don't know their proper name. The two littles are avocado (my favorite) the square one is salmon with avocado and fries. The one w
ith red in it is a fruit one (strawberry, orange, avocado). the other one as shrimp and the last one with the beads is caviar (my daugther's favorite... I had to take it out!). I also added some wasabi and a ginger rose.


I decided doing filled plush ones instead of felt-rolled ones... but that just personal taste.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My two other blogs will only be one

Hi Everybody!
I've decided that keeping two other blog was too hectic and mixed Maman Tattoo with Pagan Side. Or course, Playing with your food will remain the same with all the felt food goodies :)
So in Aux Demilunes, I'm still gonna post about all the crafts I'm doing (sewing, furniture makeover, art...) and I'm gonna add pagan lifestyle insight. I've sorted everything in a menu bar for easier blog browsing :)

Come take a look and become a follower!

I won't update Maman Tattoo or Pagan Side anymore, thanks for all those who followed!

I'm presently working on a 10 pieces sushi kit.. Can't wait to show you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making a play toaster; a journey!

First, I've taken an empty box that was a right size for a toaster.

I took some measurements (they were too tight, btw)

I cut my sides and bottom and top

I've cut the tops and put them away

I've taken the top and marked my holes

I verified if the toast I made was passing through...

I took a left out and marked the inbetweens to strengthen the top

Glued with Modpogde. So far it's the best glue on felt I've found

I started sewing

Then did so fitting and realized it would be too small so I cheated

And it served me good since I took the needed cardboard to divide the toaster

So the toasts don't get lost...

I've pinned the top and got back at sewing

But the uncarboarded side looked weird

So I've put in another rectangle of cardboard to straighten it a bit

Then I marked were my popcycle sticks would go, carefully noting a spot where the toast would be hidden before poping

I've inserted the sticks...



But to give a more finished look I sew 2 little rectangles together

...Gives a much more finished look

I've doubled the pocycle sticks so the toast won't travel as much

Now I'm wanting a toast (must be pregnancy hormones Okay, I'm just a late eater...)

And now it's sitting on my daughter's almost finished Playkitchen!

Now I have some advice for you... forget the box and use cardboard felt!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Apples, a tutorial

rescued from mamantattoo website, december 2009

Yes, I'm still making felt food. No break for me! (well, this can be count as one, I guess)

This weekend I made 5 delicious-looking apples, including one that can be cut.

Now, for those coming over from Kimba's and missed my 4 felt food links I add last week to the DIY day, you need to know that I'm making LOTS and LOTS of playfood for my 16month old daughter, for the Play Kitchen I'm slowly making for her, for Christmas.

Want so clues to do some?

I used: Red felt (free) Green and brown felt (90¢ per sheet) Thread (red, brown and green (from my stash) and stuffer (from a dead teady bear!) oh, white felt, too! (free)
Cost: I didn't take the time to calculate, but it must be something above 3$ for the 5 apples.

Shapes I cut:

4 or those for an apple
or one plus one of those:

For the cut one. (4 times)

For the whole ones, I've run stitched all the part one after the other, closely enough, without gathering and I reverse it all, stuff, and ladder stitched the rest.

For the cut one, I've Overcast stitch the white fabric with red thread. Hand embroiled the seed with brown threat.

For the tail:

In brown fabric. Add leaves if you want!

The trick to make your red ball look like an apple is to pass your needle were the 4 cuts join right through the apple and again to the 4 cut join at the bottom. You pull a little and make lots of knots, then you sew in the tail.

Hope you understood something out of my quite explaination!

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