Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrot + Cut Carrot

For the Greens

Take a rectangle, freehand cut abstract shapes. Stop about a cm before the end.

Roll it on itself, sew tightly.

Cut a long triangle.

Overcast stitch the edges of your folded triangle (from the longest axe)

Run Stitch the top and insert the green before pulling.
Pass your needle through the green and knot to secure.

There you go!

Cut Carrot


Orange circle, with paller orange circles hold in by Blanket Stitch.

For this one, which is a little smaller, I put some beans in a juice lid. I makes a rattle. I'm gonna give it to my sister, which is expecting for March.
The greens are not rolled on this one. I reshaped some leftovers.

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  1. I am glad this turned out so nicely but please be sure to credit the original artist.


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