Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making a play toaster; a journey!

First, I've taken an empty box that was a right size for a toaster.

I took some measurements (they were too tight, btw)

I cut my sides and bottom and top

I've cut the tops and put them away

I've taken the top and marked my holes

I verified if the toast I made was passing through...

I took a left out and marked the inbetweens to strengthen the top

Glued with Modpogde. So far it's the best glue on felt I've found

I started sewing

Then did so fitting and realized it would be too small so I cheated

And it served me good since I took the needed cardboard to divide the toaster

So the toasts don't get lost...

I've pinned the top and got back at sewing

But the uncarboarded side looked weird

So I've put in another rectangle of cardboard to straighten it a bit

Then I marked were my popcycle sticks would go, carefully noting a spot where the toast would be hidden before poping

I've inserted the sticks...



But to give a more finished look I sew 2 little rectangles together

...Gives a much more finished look

I've doubled the pocycle sticks so the toast won't travel as much

Now I'm wanting a toast (must be pregnancy hormones Okay, I'm just a late eater...)

And now it's sitting on my daughter's almost finished Playkitchen!

Now I have some advice for you... forget the box and use cardboard felt!


  1. I love this! How adorable! I can't wait to have a daughter! (hopefully I'll get one!)

  2. it came out great! another option would be some thicker cardboard if you don't have any of the cardboard felt.

  3. You have an award waiting for you at my blog - :)

  4. First, I've taken an empty box that was a right size for a toaster. ...


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