Friday, November 13, 2009

Lettuce and Cauliflower

Cut 3 vague form. Run stitch an inch at the bottom. Gather.

See how they look together, edit the cut if needed.

Cut 3 smaller form, pin together. Sew following the piece on top 'till 3/4 up.
Cut a rectangle, square or circle (I used a leftover) And push it inside.

Sew at some corners, so that you don't see any edges from the top.

Should look like this. Stuff

Attach the biggest leaves to see where you place them.

Sew them on with an overcast stitch.

Cut a circle, Blanket stitch it to the bottom so we don't see any stuffing.



Cut a circle in a round fabric

Run Stitch all around, don't gather too much

Sew some point loosely, then pull.

Having cut similar leaves then the lettuce, Sew them together the same way.

Here's my fluffy Cauliflower

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