Monday, March 29, 2010

Ice cream sandwich... And how I did it!

First I've cut two brown felt rectangles with my fancy scissors and a large and long white rectangle.

I've pinned my white rectangle to my brown one starting in the middle of a shortest side. I gathered the corners like that:

I've run it trough my sewing machine and cut the excess of white, I've flipped it and pinned the white fabric together.

Then I realized I couldn't do the other side with my machine... So I've pinned it and handstiched the two longer side

Gathered the white fabric at the corners and sewn

Then I've flip it right side and sewn the other two corners and I've stuffed (with cut-outs)

I've kind of ladder stitched to close

Then I've made the six knot, here's what I did:
1-I've made a knot, pass my needle straight throught and made another knot, holding thight.
2- I've French knot at the "top" (c.i: the machine stitched side)
3-I've repeated for the 5 other knots.

Lastly, I took a white thread and close the white fabric together.

There you have a yummy ice cream sandwich...
And I made that while it was snowing...

now I'm craving for ice cream...


  1. yum! definitely reminds me of summer. great job!

  2. me too, I want! Thank you for sharing, I am definitely going to make. Want to give a you a blog award, but mostly, I just wanted to post links to cool sites like yours.
    Thanks again!

  3. Oh my gosh! All of these are so adorable! Very creative!!!


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