Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ice cream Cone!

Spring arrived. Ice cream parlor are finally open here!
I made the cone and the vanilla ice cream ball ages ago, but did the last two just yesterday.

Those are really easy to do: Take something round..A CD will do. It will seem big but when you'll gather it it'll make a small ball. Once gathered, fill and cut a smaller circle fitting the hole you have and stitch it in place. Than you can put a piece of velcro and the base and one at the top if you'd like your ice cream to pile on.

For the cone, cut a triangle with a round end (think of a pizza slice) the wight and length you'd like you cone to be. To "waffle" it, I've stitched in parallel lines, making diamonds, with my machine. You can go fancy and pin-tuck it (than cut a larger triangle you want your cone to be)
See the edges, fill, and cut a circle accordingly to your opening. Sew or stick on velcro..your done! :D


  1. I absolutely love what you have done. Too clever girl. Thanks so much for dropping by and joining my blog and entering into my giveaway for the necklace or mermaid. I wanted to drop by and say Hi and tell you that I have left you some questions (you know the tell me more about you kind) so if you want to play Yay, if not okee dokee. I am thrilled you have come to play along with the insanity, Welcome. The Olde Bagg

  2. hi!
    I am your newest follower via trendy treehouse! Please follow me back!
    btw I love your blog!


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